Middle School Science

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Science Trek: Educator Resources

Science Trek offers a wealth of materials specifically for teachers. Each topic site includes several tabs with a wealth of information. Click on the “Educators” tab in each…  learn more

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EdQuest Middle School Science Resources

EdQuest in Canada promotes middle school science telecollaboration, worth a look. Quality Science Learning Resources Edquest is a comprehensive and in-depth Science Resource site, meeting the needs of…  learn more

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Generation Genius: K-8 Science Videos for Kids

Although students often learn much about computers by disassembling them (as folks have experienced with every technological advance), museums exhibits and workshops reveal the inner workings of the…  learn more

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Khan Academy’s science content grows with new middle school science courses

Hi Teachers! Have you explored our new middle school science content yet? As you know, Khan Academy is not just for math, and this summer we’re introducing hundreds…  learn more

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FlinnScientific Channel

FlinnScientific has created a channel on YouTube devoted to explaining complex science topics, walking you through experiments, and anything else related to biology, chemistry, physics and life sciences.  learn more

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Maria Mitchell: America’s First Woman Astronomer

Maria Mitchell (pronounced Ma-RYE-ah) was an astronomer, librarian, naturalist, and educator. She discovered a telescopic comet in 1847, for which she was awarded a gold medal by the…  learn more

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Smithsonian Science Education Center: Curriculum & Resources

The Smithsonian Science Education Center (SSEC) is transforming K-12 Education Through Science™ in collaboration with communities across the globe. To achieve our mission, we have three goals: STEM…  learn more

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Science Buddies

Science Buddies mission is to inspire and educate students of all ages with hands-on STEM explorations that reflect their unique personal interests. By providing highly personalized educational experiences, we drive…  learn more

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Project Noah Nature School

A global community of nature enthusiasts,  photographing and learning about wildlife.  learn about wildlife from experts in our community and your favorite wildlife spotters. The spirit of Project…  learn more

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School Physics

Schoolphysics online is freely available to all. This is an invaluable resource base for all 11 to 19 year old Physics students and their teachers.  learn more

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Easy Science for Kids

EasyScienceForKids.com, is the choice free online resource for tutors, teachers, parents and educators and where young kids enjoyably learn all about science through our extensive articles, free science…  learn more

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10 Best Science Tools for Middle School

Once students have a foundation in elementary science, they move on to more advanced skills like planning experiments and developing evidence-based explanations based on their findings. Kids will see the real-world impact of…  learn more

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ASP: K-12 Educational Activities

Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Many of the ASP Programs, through the Education Staff, have produced science-rich, astronomy activities, materials, and kits used by educators, families, amateur astronomers,…  learn more

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SciStarter: Education

One of the most important aspects of the SciStarter mission is to help people of all ages discover and get involved in real-world science: citizen science.  When we…  learn more

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My SciLife - Safe Social Learning

MySciLife is a FREE educational social media site designed to enrich middle-level science instruction—for a lesson, a unit, or all semester long. In MySciLife, students design identities based…  learn more

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26 Science Experiments for Spring

Celebrate spring with these free science and engineering lessons, projects, and activities for enriching hands-on STEM related to spring weather, flowers, plants, and more!  Science Buddies Lesson Plans contain…  learn more

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Science Kids

Science Kids is the online home of science & technology for children around the world. Learn more with our fun science experiments, cool facts, free games, activities, lesson…  learn more

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Science Kids: Lesson Plans

Enjoy a wide range of fun science lesson plans featuring educational activities for kids, ideas for teachers, free online resources and more to help bring interactive, hands on…  learn more

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In case you missed the history of the periodic table, it took almost a century to organize. Several scientists spent their lives working on this table. The periodic…  learn more

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Scholastic Study Jams: Interactive Math & Science Activities

Introduce and reinforce more than 200 math and science topics with videos, slideshows, step-by-step tutorials, and other activities.  learn more

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PBS Learning Media: SciGirls

SciGirls has the bold goal of changing how millions of girls think about science, technology, engineering and math—or STEM. Each half-hour episode highlights the processes of science and…  learn more

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PBSKids: Spring Changing Seasons

Join PBS KIDS and explore Spring. Learn about the parts of a plant, seeds, and about how plants grow through media clips, extension activities, articles, and crafts. Share…  learn more

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Science News Learning: Classroom Resources for Teachers

Explore major advances across the sciences that have transformed our understanding of the world and our universe, and our lives. Search our rich collection of reading and data…  learn more

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Elements and the Periodic Table

iTeachly. This site was created by a Licensed 7-12 Teacher in 2017, and it has now grown into a community of thousands of Teachers sharing lesson plans, resources,…  learn more

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iTeachly: 1-2 Drawing Scientifically

Here is your Free Content for your Lesson on Drawing Scientifically! Drawing Scientifically Worksheet - Word Docs, PowerPoint, & PDF's  learn more

Zone 7 Water Agency

ZONE 7 LESSONS Lessons are aligned with the Next Generation Sciences Standards for TK-12 content, created and taught by certified educators. Funded by Zone 7 and supported by…  learn more

OYLA: Best STEM Magazine for Kids

OYLA is a monthly print magazine for STEM learning. It offers scientific articles that the whole family can enjoy. Every issue is filled with a broad range of…  learn more

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Imagine Learning: Twig Science Curriculum PreK-8

Discover a comprehensive, NGSS-aligned science program full of exciting, real-world STEM challenges that spark student engagement and a long-lasting love of science. Twig Science is a phenomena-based, multimedia…  learn more

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As middle school teachers, you play a key role in shaping and energizing the future of your students by teaching and helping them explore their interests – which…  learn more

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Best Science Websites for Middle and High School

Science is exciting. Unfortunately, students can find the lessons a little dry. Whether you’re in the classroom or teaching online, finding the right resources can bring these complex…  learn more

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Middle School Chemistry: Lesson Plans

Explore inquiry-based lesson plans that cover basic chemistry concepts. What happens when solids, liquids, and gases are heated and cooled? Why is one substance more or less dense…  learn more

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USA Science & Engineering Festival: Lesson Plans

Browse our library of lesson plans created by educators for educators! All lessons are NGSS and CASEL aligned and designed for middle and high school classrooms. Each lesson…  learn more

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Research Quest is an engaging and powerful series of science investigations that improve students’ critical thinking skills. Online lessons to fit your middle school science curriculum. A powerful…  learn more

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Online Self-Paced Astronomy Lessons

Explore the wonders of the solar system and universe with these self-paced astronomy lessons. Our lessons for middle/high school students are meant for self-directed online learning. Many of…  learn more

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AI in Middle School Science Topics

Artificial Intelligence is all around us, although we do not always see it. Most visible and familiar are “smart” devices like phones and tablets, but AI is also…  learn more

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Help Teaching: Printable Physics Worksheets, Tests, and Activities

Try physics tests on motion, energy, and forces. Take a quiz to test your knowledge of electrical circuits using schematic symbols.  learn more

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Twig Science Reporter

Twig Science Reporter is a weekly science news service for your K–8 classroom. The brainchild of Twig Education and Imperial College London, Twig Science Reporter has been created to help teachers…  learn more

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Because Learning!

How far can STEM go? An educational experience is more than just what happens in the classroom. Let’s follow our curiosity and keep exploring together.  learn more

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What if, in six sentences, you could empower students to create amazing work? It’s a preoccupation many science teachers have. Let’s take a moment and spend some time…  learn more

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NSTA Lesson Plans

National Science Teacher Association (NSTA) has a section on lesson plans on a variety of science topics for elementary and middle school students  learn more

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Looking for science books for your daughter? Want to encourage critical thinking and thinking like a scientist? If so, let’s look at some recommendations from middle school science…  learn more

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Help Teaching: Online Self-Paced Chemistry Lessons

Learn about matter, from organization to reactions, with this collection of online chemistry lessons. The lessons for middle/high school students are meant for self-directed online learning. Many of…  learn more

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PBS Learning Media: Spot on Science

Spot on Science is a collection of short videos focused on science and health lessons—from the rare plants found in Ohio bogs, to NASA's discovery that Uranus is one…  learn more

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Enchanted Learning: Zoom Dinosaurs

Zoom Dinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension. It has an easy-to-use structure that…  learn more

What Is Snow and How Does It Form? (Plus Free Worksheet + Slides)

There’s nothing more exciting than looking out the classroom window and seeing the first snowflakes of the year.  Once the squeals of delight die down, the question “How…  learn more

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16 Thrilling Sci-Fi Books for Tweens and Young Adults

From Star Wars to The Hunger Games, Divergent to Star Trek, sci-fi stories offer thought-provoking scenarios and plenty of excitement. If your middle-grade or young adult reader is…  learn more

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60 Science Trivia Facts To Spark Student Curiosity

There’s so much to learn in science. These fun science trivia facts will help your students learn something new while getting them excited about awesome science topics. Present…  learn more

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National Geographic Kids – Science

Welcome to our Discover section! This is where you can discover some of the coolest facts for kids from around our planet. From animals and geography to science, nature, and history, there are so…  learn more

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15 Great Science Websites for Middle School

In an age where information is at our fingertips, finding the right resources to spark curiosity and foster understanding in young minds is key. This comprehensive guide introduces…  learn more

50 Interesting 6th Grade Science Fair Projects and Classroom Activities

Sixth grade science covers a wide variety of topics and varies depending on the curriculum. We’ve rounded up the best 6th grade science fair projects to inspire kids,…  learn more

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50 of the Coolest Winter Science Experiments and Activities

Winter means shorter days, colder temperatures, and lots of ice and snow. That means it’s time for experiments that you can only do in winter! These experiments and…  learn more

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50 STEM Activities for Kids of All Ages and Interests

These days, STEM learning is more important than ever. Science, technology, engineering, and math are the keys to many modern careers, so a good grounding in them from an early…  learn more

Science A-Z: Science Fair Resources

Project Ideas for Kids and Teacher Tips for a Successful Science Fair Science A-Z's Science Fair Resources foster authentic student inquiry and teach the practices of real scientists…  learn more

The Tech Interactive: Lessons and Activities

Did you know that you can integrate many of our design challenge and engineering lessons into your other content areas, like English Language Arts and social science? Most…  learn more

Easy Engineering Lesson Plans

Explore IEEE Try Engineering’s database of lesson plans to teach engineering concepts to your students, aged 4 to 18. Explore areas such as lasers, LED lights, flight, smart…  learn more

BioMan Biology: Scientific Methods

Scientific methods are the techniques and tools scientists use to learn about the world!  Learn about questions, hypotheses, variables, theories, laws and much more by playing video games…  learn more

WWF Wild Classroom

At home or in the classroom, World Wildlife Fund’s Wild Classroom connects educators and parents with the tools and resources they need to help kids explore and understand…  learn more

Grab Your Free Scientific Method Worksheet Printable

Perfect for teachers who want to nurture critical thinking skills, this free printable helps students understand and apply the scientific method. Whether conducting a mind-blowing biology experiment, exploring the…  learn more

25 Amazing & Fun Earth Day Facts for Kids

Every year we celebrate Earth Day—but how much do you really know about it? This annual event began more than 50 years ago and has had a huge…  learn more

STEM Lesson Plans for K-12 Teachers

There is a wealth of STEM curricula and classroom resources available to assist educators in developing in students thinking, reasoning, teamwork, investigative and creative skills that they can…  learn more

STEM Library Lab: Lesson Plans

“STEM Library Lab is an invaluable resource filled with so many inspiring lesson plans that really help me find labs and activities to engage my students in STEM…  learn more