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Virtual Public Library welcome portal
The welcome page from an early version of the website.

The K-12 Internet Resource Center catalogs started with 2700 web and video resources of interest to the K-12 community. Plus, over 100 lesson plan websites were provided.

K12IRC.org is an entirely free-to-use resource. We are a project of the Bonnie and Marty Tenenbaum Foundation. They cover all site costs. All the contents on this website can be accessed without payment, registration, or e-mail address.

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Facebook Group

The best way to communicate with us is thru our Facebook group. There, you can leave comments, make suggestions, see what fellow educators are doing and more.


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c/o Lodestone Systems
3038 N. 34th St. #3
Phoenix, AZ 85018-6905

We do not have a public email address, as they are quickly inundated with spam. To contact us, please use our Phoenix mailing address or the Facebook group.

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You can learn more about us by browsing the News & Information section of our website. Our Privacy Policy can be found here.