Library Associations

This field is changing quickly, with new ideas to get more people into libraries and make it easier to find items of interest to them. The Library Journal reported on a new library branch in Gilbert, Arizona that will drop the Dewey Decimal Classification system and take its cue from bookstores, arranging books and other resources into the 50 or so subject headings used by the Book Industry Study Group.

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American Library Association

The American Library Association (ALA) has opened its Web site. It serves an integrative function for some of these other sites and provides a calendar of events.  learn more

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International Association of School Libraries

The ALA's international counterpart, the International Association of School Libraries, in contrast, contains information primarily of importance to its professional members, though a few links for online resources…  learn more

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Library Journal

The Library Journal claims that 100,000 librarians read the online version of their management journal for librarians. It includes both national and regional headlines.  learn more