Keeping Students Engaged

Keeping students engaged during the last six weeks of school can be a challenge. The other day I was browsing FB and came across a teacher asking for some help. The question was “how do I keep my students engaged after testing and for the remainder of the school year?” I am sure she was not the only teacher pondering this question. So, I did a little research and and here are some effective strategies that teachers can use to maintain enthusiasm and focus.

  1. Incorporate Project-Based Learning: Use project-based learning activities where students can engage in hands-on projects that pique their interest. Projects that are relevant to real-world problems or incorporate cross-curricular skills are especially engaging and educational. (Project Based Learning)
  2. Introduce New Tools and Technology: Introduce new digital tools or educational technologies that can refresh the way subjects are taught. This might include interactive games, simulations, or collaborative tools that encourage participation and excitement about learning. (Game-Based Learning)
  3. Utilize Choice Boards: Give students a say in their learning process through choice boards. This method allows students to choose from a variety of activities to complete a learning objective, catering to different learning styles and interests. (Choice Boards)
  4. Field Trips and Guest Speakers: Organize field trips or invite guest speakers. These activities break the routine and can greatly enhance the learning experience by connecting classroom knowledge with the outside world. (Virtual Field Trips)
  5. Thematic Units and Special Weeks: Create thematic units or organize special theme weeks that can make learning more cohesive and exciting. Themes like “Space Week” or “Historical Figures Week” can spur engagement and creativity. (Thematic Unit Studies)
  6. Celebrations of Learning: Plan end-of-year showcases or celebrations of learning where students can display their work from the year. This gives them something to work towards and be proud of, reinforcing the value of their efforts throughout the year. (End of the Year)

I hope this gives you some new ideas that you can do with your students as you move through these last few weeks of school.

Thank you for your continued support and sharing of the website.

Pamela Choate