Environmental Science Education

Especially for students in urban areas, the school grounds offer a microcosm of ecological niches and investigation for students and families to explore.

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Great Lakes Now Virtual Field Trip

Great Lakes Now brings along students on a virtual field trip to learn more about the importance of coastal wetlands, the danger of algal blooms and a deep…  learn more

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Natural & Built Environments

This video contrasts natural and built environments in the Philippines.  learn more

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The Difference Between Natural & Built Environments

This short video shows the difference between natural and built and explains why we build.  learn more

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Ecology Explorers: Teacher Toolbox

Ecology Explorers is an example of how universities are teaming up with the K-12 community to give teachers and students opportunities to learn through real scientific research. We…  learn more

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Built and Natural Environment Lesson Plans

How do people interact with and change the natural environment? A major focus of urban ecology is comparing how ecosystems function in nature and how they are changed…  learn more

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The Earth Times

The Earth Times is a not-for-profit publication. The contents are edited daily.  learn more

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Environmental News Network

Catch a preview of upcoming weather events at the Environmental News Network.  learn more

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eePRO: Environmental Education

eePRO, part of NAAEE, is an online platform that provides environmental education (EE) professionals and students from around the world with opportunities to network, discuss important issues, and…  learn more

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Youngzine: Teachers

Our climate, our future. As educators, you are at the forefront of shaping our children's minds and hearts, helping them make sense of this changing world and inspiring…  learn more

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United Nations Resources

The United Nations maintains a list of conventions, workshops, seminars and training programmes on environmental education. For each event, an overview and links for more information are provided.…  learn more

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Project Learning Tree. Charting Diversity. Birds and Worms. Pollution Search. These are some of the 96 hands-on interdisciplinary activities found in Project Learning Tree’s PreK-8 Environmental Education Activity Guide.…  learn more

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PBS: Human Impact of the Environment

Human Impact on the Environment is a collection of resources that shows real-world effects of our actions on the environment. The collection supports teachers who wish to integrate environmental…  learn more

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NOVA: Earth System Science

NOVA's Earth system science collection highlights important Earth processes normally invisible to the human eye. The standards-based media resources below expose the intricate web of forces that sustain…  learn more

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Recycling Simplified: Virtual Field Trip

Take your students on a virtual field trip of how a recycling center and a modern landfill works. These videos are designed to inform specific lessons in 3rd-5th…  learn more

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EPA: EnviroAtlas Interactive Map

This easy to use, interactive mapping application does not require any GIS skills to use and provides ready access to 500+ maps and multiple analysis tools. EnviroAtlas is…  learn more

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Games, Quizzes, and Videos about the Environment

The EPA has compiled a list of environmental games and find other activities to play online, including crossword puzzles and word searches. Topics include recycling, water, and sunburns.  learn more

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National Snow and Ice Data Center

From the Arctic to the Antarctic, snow and ice play a vital role in regulating Earth’s climate and providing freshwater resources to people, plants, and animals. The National…  learn more

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Conservation Station

Explore the unexpected connections at the heart of the energy-water nexus and discover how you and your students can conserve water and energy at school and at home.  learn more

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Environmental Education Resources

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) is the nation’s leading organization in lifelong environmental learning, creating opportunities for people to experience and learn about the environment in ways…  learn more

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Earth Month

Earth Month and Environmental Issues. 22 Projects. The image, audio, and video-based projects below display Gen-Z’s passion for environmental activism—these youth insist climate change is already affecting us today,…  learn more

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PBS LearningMedia: Environment -Above the Noise

Above the Noise host Myles Bess takes viewers along on his journey to cut through the hype surrounding controversial topics in the news to find out what's really…  learn more

NEFF: Environmental Education Resources

K-12 Education. NEEF-developed toolkits, infographics, and interactive online programs to bring environmental education to life  learn more

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EarthWeek: A Diary of the Planet

Earthweek—A Diary of the Planet is a weekly syndicated newspaper column created by Steve Newman. It reports on events in Earth's natural history.  learn more

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ScienceDaily: Environmental Science News

ScienceDaily features breaking news about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more -- from leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations. Visitors can browse more…  learn more

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Cyberchase Green It Up: Kids Can Help Checklist

Let's take care of the environment by making helpful choices every day. Check off the boxes for the items on the list that you do to help.  learn more

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Environmental Education: Education Resource Library

RESOURCES FOR CLASSROOM, AT-HOME AND COMMUNITY LEARNING Browse our resources to guide your environmental education lessons and stewardship activities on Earth Day and throughout the year. These resources…  learn more