Algodoo 2-D Physics Sandbox

Using existing computer resources and inexpensive software allows us to engage students in a way that words on paper can never do.

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A place where people upload and share their work. A quick glace will give you an idea of the wide variety of things you can do with Algodoo.  learn more

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Algodoo is a unique 2D-simulation software. Algodoo is designed in a playful, cartoony manner, making it a perfect tool for creating interactive scenes, encouraging your students own creativity while having fun -- and learning. With Algodoo you can create simulation scenes using simple drawing tools like boxes, circles, polygons, gears, brushes, planes, ropes and chains.…  learn more

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Algodoo - a virtual physics lab for computational thinking

A review of Algodoo by a 9th grade physics teacher in Atlanta. It shows how to get started and runs thru various demonstrations including videos. This review was based on an earlier release of Algodoo that was delivered in various versions. Algodoo currently has only a single version.  learn more

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Algodoo - Interactive Physics On Your Computer Screen

This video shows what you can do with Algodoo, a program that gives you the opportunity to play with physics. Apply a constructionists learning paradigm, learning by doing. Uses simple drawing tools to design, construct and explore.  learn more

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Algodoo tutorials

A series of short videos that teach you to use Algodoo, and how you can use it to teach physics.  learn more

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The original Phun video

This was the original Phun video that started it all. Algodoo is the successor to Phun.  learn more