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Alaska Volcano Observatory

The Alaska Volcano Observatory updates activity continuously. The contents can be adapted to several age groups.  learn more

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What Happens When Lava Meets Ice?

This Science Channel video looks at what happens when you pour molten lava on ice. (Hint: it's not what you'd expect.) They interview the scientists involved, describe how…  learn more

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Volcano Cafe tracks the activities of volcanoes around the world. Postings range from current eruptions (especially in Iceland) to volcano formation and geology to a look at when…  learn more

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Volcano World: Teachers

Volcanic activity is the most powerful force in nature. Some volcanic eruptions are much more powerful than the largest nuclear explosion. Volcanoes have killed thousands of people and…  learn more

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Vinegar Plus Baking Soda Volcano Eruption in a Vacuum Chamber

Here's an interesting take on the classic classroom demonstration. While using a full vacuum is a little overkill, using a partial vacuum can better demonstrate the pressure difference…  learn more

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StudyJams! Science: Volcanoes

Learn how volcanoes produce some the Earth's most violent geologic changes, but they are not always violent. Different kinds of volcanoes, including shield, cinder cone, composite, and ashflow…  learn more

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Scripps Expedition to Costa Rico

Virtual field trips can be made to key volcanoes--active and extinct. For instance, the Scripps Oceanography Institute sponsors virtual/real expeditions to the volcanoes in Costa Rico.  learn more