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50 Competitions

KudosWall has a list of 50 different student competitions, broken out by areas like Art & Music, Physical Activity, STEM, Volunteering, and Writing.  learn more

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7 Steps to Set up your Classroom Library

There’s a lot to think about!  I mean it has to be inviting and aesthetically pleasing.   Do you go with a theme, a color or just what goes? Then it has to be functional, systematic, and well just super organized. How do you source the books? What furnishing do you put in the space?…  learn more

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Classroom Library Organization

Inventory, Manage, and Analyze Your Classroom Library.  With this FREE Classroom Library Tool from Booksource  learn more

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Global SchoolNet: Friendship through Education

Linking kids around the world. Global SchoolNet is committed to bringing you the best ideas, tools, information and opportunities for 21st century learning. So, we would like to tell you about some great resources and programs from our partners participating in Friendship Through Education.  learn more

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Help Teaching: Top 100 Free Education Sites 2022

Since 2013, Help Teaching has brought you our Top 100 Free Education Sites. We’re continually updating our list to provide you with the best resources. While there are standard go-to sites you can visit, such as Khan Academy, there may be a few that aren’t on your radar and you’ll love. Here, you find the top…  learn more

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OER Commons

OER Commons is a public digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum.  learn more

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TARA Teachers

The all-in-one assistant that streamlines tasks, curriculum & coaching to maximize teacher time, talent, and energy. We are building TARA to be the ideal teaching assistant - one that anticipates a teacher's needs while keeping them organized and energized. Our hope is that we can eliminate the day-to-day grind of teaching, leaving every educator with…  learn more