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With the closure of schools during the COVID-19 outbreak, schools and teachers have had to adopt to new and unfamiliar ways of interacting with students.

Don’t worry, you are not alone in your confusion and frustration. Here are some resources that can help.

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How To Teach Students Remotely

Danielle Rochford has been teaching online for over 10 years. She put together this 52 minute webinar to address issues like: How do I get started? What should…  learn more

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Teacher DISTANCE LEARNING Tip - Switching to a document camera in Google Meet or Zoom

Many teachers have been caught off guard trying to figure out how to pull off lessons. Darin Nakakihara created this edtech tip to help teachers teach remotely. Darin…  learn more

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Tips and Resources to Help Teachers Navigate Remote Teaching due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Sarah Martinez has curated resources to support teachers, parents and administrators in the transition to our "new normal" of remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sarah designed…  learn more

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20 Best Practices for Remote Learning in K–12

Naveed Husain, from Teachers College, Columbia University, outlines 20 best practices for educators thrust into the remote-learning journey. The list includes: Be as present as possible through video…  learn more

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Outschool: Classes about Social Studies

Outschool offers over 140,000 interactive online classes. Keep your kids inspired and engaged with online classes, clubs, and camps covering all their favorite topics., clubs, and camps covering…  learn more

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Explore Distance Learning Resources

Whether you are teaching in a hybrid classroom or delivering your entire curriculum through remote or distance learning, this collection of resources will help you effectively manage the…  learn more

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How To Teach An Online Course

Online education is growing in popularity as more people of all ages are using the Internet to take classes. Taking classes or an online college course provides increased access…  learn more

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131 Tools for Distance Learning & Strategies for Student Engagement

We’ve scoured the web for helpful apps, tools, and platforms to help you as you set up your distance learning environments during your school closures. If we’ve found…  learn more

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350 Online Learning Resources for Teachers and Parents

Parents and teachers are continually looking for online learning resources. Teachers have been tasked with delivering lesson plans and classroom activities as part of distance learning. Parents are…  learn more

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CSTA Virtual Teaching Resources

The Computer Science Teachers Association (CSTA), founded by the Association of Computing Machinery, provides a constantly updated list of research articles and resources of interest to Technology Planners…  learn more

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TeachersFirst's Online Learning

Online learning is an umbrella term that refers to any learning situated online rather than in a traditional classroom. As times have changed, online learning has become very…  learn more

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Help Teaching: Online Lessons for Self-Directed Learning

Find lessons for middle/high school students are meant for self-directed online learning. All lessons also include practice questions to use for pre-assessment and practice, as well as links…  learn more

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Nagwa: Educational App Ecosystem

Nagwa is an educational technology startup aiming to help teachers teach and students learn. Nagwa is transforming education by fully embracing digital. We have created an educational app…  learn more

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No matter where education takes place, Zoom can help engage students, faculty, and staff for learning, collaboration, and administration. See how Zoom supports remote and hybrid learning environments…  learn more

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PBS: Crash Course

From balancing chemical reactions to analyzing famous literature, never before has one collection offered such an awe-inspiring range of content. Since 2011, brothers John and Hank Green have…  learn more

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Alison: Free Learning Platform

Alison offers over 4000 free online courses across nine distinct categories. The types of courses across the categories include: Certificate Courses and Diploma Courses Alison is one of…  learn more

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Best Online Tools for Distance Learning

Distance learning is fast changing from a “backup” choice to the preferred way modern students want to study, thanks to better eLearning technologies. Online educators need to learn new digital and…  learn more

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The Achievery

A free and safe online learning platform created by AT&T to provide K-12 students with engaging and entertaining videos paired with educational activities. A free digital learning platform…  learn more