Microsoft Office 365 for Education

Microsoft has its own online, cloud-based education document sharing portal, based on its Office 365 service. While also free to educators, it is not as widely deployed as Google Docs.

However, things change quickly on the Internet, and Office 365 is definitely worth considering, especially if you ware already comfortable with Microsoft applications.

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Office in Education

Microsoft's introductory page on their free Office for Education offering. Requires a school email address to get started. Scroll down past the Get Started form to learn more…  learn more

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Google Vs. Microsoft: Choosing Cloud Apps For Schools

This June, 2013 Infoweek article takes a look at two different school systems, and what factors went into choosing the products they did.  learn more

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Simon Sez IT: Resource Center

Free learning resources to help you achieve your professional goals. In this Microsoft Word 2021/365 tutorial training course, we discuss the basics of using the Word application from…  learn more

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Dive deep into learning with interactive lessons, earn professional development hours, acquire certifications and find programs that help meet your goals.  learn more

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What's Happening in Education

MICROSOFT LEARN EDUCATOR CENTER Explore new content available in Learn and topics trending in education.  learn more

Slides Mania

Free creative PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes -Much more than presentations-  learn more

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Google Apps for Education vs. Microsoft 365 for Education

This September 2015 article looks at 8 key differences between Google Apps for Education (now called G Suite) and Office 365. The article is written more for tech…  learn more

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Microsoft Office Templates

Look into an extensive collection of templates designed for every event or occasion. Bring your projects and ideas to life with a business plan template, or spread the…  learn more

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OneNote for Education - Interactive Guides

With Microsoft OneNote, educators can create notebooks that help them stay organized, deliver curriculum, and collaborate with students and colleagues.  learn more

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Lesson Planet: Microsoft Word Lessons

Check out the most popular topics other Computer Programming teachers like you are looking for on Lesson Planet.  learn more

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Microsoft PowerPoint: How to Use It to Teach

Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful slide-based presentation tool that can be used by teachers and students as a way of communicating digitally. This lets you create presentations from…  learn more

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YouTube: Technology for Teachers and Students

The videos on this channel will help you learn how to use a wide range of computer software applications, educational websites, and other technology tools. Watch for a…  learn more

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Introducing the Ink to Text Pen tool in Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint for Windows

With the new Ink to Text Pen tool on the Draw tab in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote for Windows, you can have your handwriting convert to text…  learn more

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What's New in Microsoft EDU

Welcome to our regular “What’s New in Microsoft EDU” update and thank you so much for being part of our growing community! Following on the heels of our Reimagine…  learn more