Gifted Children

Check with the colleges and universities in your area for face-to-face and on-line programs. Getting a gifted student plugged in and engaged is imperative.

Keeping gifted students involved and interested can be a challenge in a mixed classroom setting. Access to the Internet and the resources listed here can turn a potential drop out into a star pupil.

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CTDnet at acns at Northwestern

Center for Talent Development (CTD) at Northwestern University is another example of programs for the gifted community. Their goal is to ensure that gifted students receive the education, encouragement and support they need to learn and grow into confident and accomplished adults whose love for learning grows stronger each year.  learn more

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Education to the Core Blog: 13 Ideas to Support your Gifted Students

Typically, as teachers, we put more time and energy into focusing on the students that have fallen behind or are struggling.  That’s where our focus lies, however, that doesn’t mean we ignore our middle-of-the-track or high flyers.  Yes, we want to make sure that those struggling students progress. It is also important to spend time…  learn more

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Gifted, creative and highly sensitive children

In this TEDx talk, Heidi Hass Gable relates that being "gifted" often feels far from a good thing, especially when you're the one living it. And yet the myth persists that "gifted" is an elitist and privileged label in education. That "those kids" will be fine without any extra programs or supports. In reality, many…  learn more

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Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

Carolyn K. has created this wide ranging resource directory with input from parents, teachers, psychologists, and / or gifted kids themselves. Topics include Testing & Assessment, Academic Acceleration, Differentiation of Instruction, and Success Stories.  learn more

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Is Your Child Gifted?

Psychology Today has a good article for parents (and educators) explaining gifted children, signs to look for, and the importance of proper assessment. That troubled student with poor grades, conflicts, and becoming more and more disinterested might by gifted.  learn more

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Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth provides assessment ("Talent Search"), summer programs, on-line courseware and whole family programs. They see the family relationship is critical in nurturing the potential of talented students.  learn more

National Association for Gifted Children

NAGC is the nation's leading organization focused on the needs of gifted and talented children. Dedicated to uplifting and empowering those who support children with advanced abilities, NAGC provides energizing professional learning, impactful research, and inspiring advocacy to ensure all children have equitable opportunities and support to develop their gifts and talents. Glossary of Terms  learn more

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Six Ways to Meet Bright and Gifted Kids' Needs Without Much Extra Work

Marty Nemko, Ph.D, posits that all children are entitled to an appropriate education, and to not be bored too much of the time. But in today's mixed-ability classes and with pressures to focus on low achievers, bright and gifted kids often get shortchanged. Marty looks at six ways teachers can better meet bright and gifted…  learn more

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What I Learned As An Ex-Gifted Kid

Gifted children often lead double lives. Intellectually, they may seem like small, eccentric adults, and they may prefer the company of adults, but in many ways they are still children. For this reason, many gifted education experts have doubts about letting gifted students start college several years early. In this talk, Caroline Cannistra talks about…  learn more