Conferencing Tools

With any project, it’s nice to just get everyone in the same room once in a while. That, however, can be a problem when people are in different locations, across town or on different continents.

These free and paid solutions can help keep everyone on the same page.

  • For large group training and conferencing try WebEx or GoToMeeting.*

A presenter can deliver an audio lecture, supplemented with PowerPoint slides for real time annotation. Attendees can chat among themselves via text or audio while the presentation is occurring and submit questions to the presenter.

While not free like some of the other solutions, both allow you “try before you buy”.

  • Looking for low/no cost option for sharing presentations, talks and meetings?*

Create a PodCast or MP3 file of the event.

While not “real time”, you can create these files using free software that your collaborators can download and listen to on their schedule.

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