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22 Easy Formative Assessment Techniques

This blog post from the Northwest Evaluation Association looks at easy-to-implement ideas for measuring student learning. One idea: Keep the Question Going. The teacher asks one student a question and then asks another student if that answer seems reasonable or correct. Then, he asks a third student for an explanation of why there is an…  learn more

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Create your own interactive exercises and automatically graded tests in minutes! Choose from 40+ digital exercise templates that work on smartphones, tablets, and computers Transform paper tests to interactive quizzes or worksheets that work on iPads, Chromebooks or any other device. More into learning games? Choose from custom made crossword riddles, bingo sheets, memory games,…  learn more

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Engage every learner, anywhere with the most comprehensive solution for video recording and streaming, video content management, audience engagement, content creation, and assessments.  learn more

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Flubaroo Test Grader

Flubaroo is a free add on for Google Forms (part of Google Docs). In Google Forms, create a test with multiple choice answers then take the test yourself, creating the answer key. Flubaroo then uses your key to grade all your student's submissions in under a minute. This quick and easy way of creating and…  learn more

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Fun Formative Assessments

Formative assessment means providing students with opportunities to show you what they are learning while you are teaching it. These assessments inform your instruction and help you make those little tweaks to your lessons that meet the needs of your students.  learn more

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How Do I Give Feedback to 100+ Students?

Purposeful, efficient, effective instruction. That's the holy grail of our work as teachers. We teach. Then, we assess what we taught. Then, we reflect and make decisions on our instruction going forward. Whether it's whole class, small group, or one-on-one instruction, our job as teachers is in a constant state of reflection and growth. That's…  learn more

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PowerSchool Assessment

PowerSchool is an example of district wide products designed to track and access student data. PowerSchool Assessments empowers teachers and administrators to build their own formative assessments utilizing a huge bank of standards-aligned items, or by using pre-built assessments. Educators can distribute district-wide assessments, or collaborate across classes and schools to create assessments for the…  learn more

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Find and create free gamified quizzes and interactive lessons to engage any learner. They engage from any device.You get instant feedback. Explore millions of teacher-created quizzes  learn more

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Sample Assessment Questions

Take a look at sample assessment questions from Smarter Balanced.  learn more

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The Case Against Zeros in Grading

Teachers can rethink their grading practices to make them more mathematically fair for students and allow for redemption for a missed assignment. Alexis TamonyOctober 6, 2021  learn more

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Using Tech to Encourage Peer Feedback During Presentations

To make middle and high school presentations more engaging, teachers can use a simple tool to have students share meaningful feedback.  I first used Socrative as a traditional quiz tool. It’s free, and content is accessible via the app as well as the website, making it easy to use anywhere. Educators can search for existing content, create…  learn more