Winter Activities & Lessons

Follow the Thematic Units on the following topics that happen during the Winter season.

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15 Winter Solstice Activities For Kids

There’s a reason for each season and around here we are quickly approaching the Winter solstice. But what is winter solstice and what are the winter solstice traditions?  Below you will find lots of great kid-friendly winter solstice activities and winter solstice crafts to celebrate the day. The darkest day of the year brings about wonderful winter…  learn more

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30 Exciting Winter Activities for the K-2 Classroom

Winter is here, and with it comes an opportunity to incorporate meaningful winter activities in your classroom! Warm-up what can be a cold, dark time with appealing activities that are enjoyable and educational for your students.  learn more

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5 Fun Winter Facts for Kids

It is the coldest time of the year, with short days and long nights. Trees start to lose their leaves, animals enter deep sleep, and snow blankets everything in many places. But how much do you really know about this season? From the science behind salt melting ice to animals who know just what to…  learn more

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5 Ways to Learn, Explore and Celebrate Winter All Year

PBS Teacher Lounge.  Winter is here along with the sights, sounds, and unique elements of the season.  As teachers, we are constantly seeking ways to make the classroom experience fun and engaging. What better time than winter to dig up some fun lesson plans for the season? Incorporating winter into activities within the classroom not…  learn more

Education World: Winter Lesson Plans and Activities

In many parts of the world, winter's snow and chilly temperatures offer a teachable moment that should not be missed. But even kids in warm places love to experience winter. The lessons and resources on this page are meant to help all educators bring the wonder of winter into their classrooms.  learn more

February Events Calendar for Educators

The Teacher's Corner  A monthly calender of events and activities.  learn more

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Help Teaching: January 2023 Calendar

Use these calendars to enhance your lessons with a variety of seasonal resources.  learn more

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Holiday Lesson Plans

Creative Educator. Lesson plans to engage students during the holiday season. A list of children's books about winter that makes for great student-published books and projects. Use this list of books to engage students in creative project work that connects reading and writing with a winter theme.  learn more

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Lesson Planet: Winter Lesson Plans & Worksheets

A wide range of lessons on the winter center in all academic subjects and ages. Scroll all the way to the bottom to see more Winter topics, such as Animals, Art, Solstice, Olympics, etc.  learn more

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New Year's Activities, Lessons & Printables

Starting back for the new year in January offers opportunities for reflection, setting new year’s resolutions, and learning about the history of new year’s celebrations and traditions around the world. Read on for ideas for celebrating the new year with your students or browse our collection of new year’s activities.  learn more

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PBS Learning Media: Celebrating Winter

Turn your classroom into a winter wonderland with these festive activities, videos, and interactive games for grades PreK-12. Explore different winter holidays, investigate snowflakes using math and science, create winter-themed crafts, and boost your students’ energy levels during the colder months!  learn more

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PBSKids: Winter Changing Seasons

Join PBS KIDS and explore Winter! Learn about ice, why animals hibernate, and about animals who camouflage through media clips, extension activities, articles, and crafts. Share activities, articles, games, and printables with families to strengthen a school-to-home connection. Children will learn about the world around them through science, math, and art activities. As you engage…  learn more

Teacher Planet: Winter Season

The winter season brings fun opportunities to teach about weather, cultures and the science of snow. While not all regions get to experience snow, it's still fun to teach about the coldest season of the year. Because the nights are longer during the winter season and the days are shorter, this magnificent season also provides…  learn more

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TeacherVision: Popular Winter Resources

Find fun science activities for winter with these printables, lesson plans, quizzes, and graphic organizers. Students will be fascinated with winter weather as they learn about blizzards and record snowfall. Use resources on hibernation and migration to teach them how animals survive these cold winter months. There are teaching resources for elementary, intermediate, and secondary…  learn more

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TeacherVision: Winter Holiday Lesson Plan

This lesson provides students with an opportunity to learn about the traditions of various winter holidays.  learn more

The Teacher's Corner: Winter Activities

The Winter seasonal pages will provide you with great educational resources for winter. Ideas within this section include resources for general activities like football, bird feeding, New Year's, and snow. You can also find more specific resources for the following: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Chinese New Year, President's Day, St. Patrick's Day, and more.  learn more

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Here are three wonderfully winter-themed activities for December that are 100% ready to use. The good news with these three? If you miss the window for December, they still will fit in for January and February.  Peggy Reimers December 12, 2022  learn more

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Winter Activities that Middle School Students Will Love

Middle school students can take a special interest in this season since it's also a time for fun winter activities. With so many options for things to do with your middle schooler in the winter, we've made a list of our favorite activities for winter. All of these winter-themed projects, experiments, and lesson plans will…  learn more

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Winter Educational Resources

Skate into winter with these materials that will capture the magic of the season. From snowman math to graphing temperatures to winter word problems, students will ski right through these math activities. Your students are sure to warm up to these winter fun resources! Search our winter holiday pages featuring Christmas resources and Hanukkah resources.  learn more

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Winter Season for Kids | What is winter?

As the daylight hours get shorter and the temperature turns cooler, this video will teach children all about the winter season and how animals survive the winter months.  learn more

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It’s not an easy time of year to keep everyone engaged, but here are several resources with winter activities for many different grade levels. Find everything from English Language Arts and Google activities to Science, STEM, and more.  Emily Hopkins December 5, 2022  learn more