Whiteboards in the Classroom

The days of using just dry erase markers is long gone. Here are some options to better engage your students … or administrators.

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Classroom management made easy. Sign up for free.  Support your class activities, stimulate engagement and help your students get to work by using the intuitive tools of Classroomscreen.  learn more

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How to clean up whiteboard photos with apps

For those of us still using whiteboards, DJ Chuang surveys past and current applications that can transform a photo of a whiteboard, remove the glare and fix the…  learn more

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Explain Everything

Explain Everything is a unique interactive screencasting whiteboard app for the Applie iPad. Allows you to record, share and view presentations around the world.  learn more

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Common Sense: Explains Everything

Explain Everything Whiteboard is a presentation and whiteboard app available on the web as well as Android, iOS/iPadOS, and Chrome.  Classic presentation tool continues to evolve. Teachers can…  learn more

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Teach anything from anywhere. Explain any concept and instantly share your thoughts with others. Free Download Educreations is a unique interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool that's simple, powerful,…  learn more

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FigJam for Education

Collaborative, online whiteboard for teams.  learn more

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7 Games to Play in the Classroom with an Interactive Whiteboard

Finding the right games to play in the classroom is an effort worth making. After all, we’re talking better lesson quality and improved student engagement. Research has shown that gamified…  learn more

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TCEA TechNotes. This website, Math Whiteboard, was designed by math educators to provide a collaborative way to experience mathematics principles. They looked at research on the best ways…  learn more

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PBS Learning Media: Curious George STEM

Active learning begins with curiosity! The Curious George STEM Collection is a great way to help young children understand science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) concepts, such as measuring, building,…  learn more

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35 Whiteboard Hacks Every Teacher Can Really Use

We Are Teachers. Whiteboards are a staple in most classrooms these days, and they have so many uses. That’s why, together with our friends at EPSON, we’ve rounded…  learn more

Teach Taxes in Grades 6-8 with This “Help! What Happened to My Paycheck?”

Lesson for the Interactive Whiteboard. That first paycheck can come as a shock if you’re not prepared. We’re talking about taxes, of course. It’s an important life lesson…  learn more

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ClassroomScreen Overview

Learn how you can use Classroomscreen to teach your class from one "screen". By using Classroomscreen, you only have to share one tab with students when you are…  learn more

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Use the Built in Whiteboard in Windows 10

Learn how to use the built-in whiteboard feature on your Windows 10 device.  CottenTechCoach (2.20m)  learn more

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Best Collaborative Whiteboards for Teachers

With the rise of remote working and learning, the ability to collaborate effectively from different locations has never been more important. Collaborative whiteboards have stepped into this space,…  learn more

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Welcome to Adventures in Math, a free educational program to help teach kids math skills and financial responsibility. Find interactive games, flash cards, lessons by grade level, family resources,…  learn more