WebQuests And Scavenger Hunts

Tired of workbooks and lesson packets? So are your students. Have them stretch their legs (so to speak) by exploring the Internet in search of facts and information.
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Characteristics Of A Good WebQuest

This post goes thru the process of creating a WebQuest step-by-step and looks at some of the attributes that will make your webquest a success. Have a "hook, like a treasure hunt, a game, or some other activity. Make sure the material is age and ability appropriate. A good WebQuest is highly visual and "easy…  learn more

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Internet Scavenger Hunt How-To

Scavenger hunts are a quick and simple activity that students will enjoy doing. They can help supplement lessons and get students involved in new and different ways. You can quickly create an Internet scavenger hunt for your students by focusing on some of the key facts from the lessons you are studying. Provide links to…  learn more

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Using WebQuests to Teach Content: Comparing Instructional Strategies

This journal article compares the use of WebQuests with traditional instruction. While the results were mixed, with WebQuest, the students seemed to have more ownership and sense of accountability.  learn more

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Maintained by Bernie Dodge, PhD at San Diego State University, WebQuest.org is billed as the most complete and current source of information about the WebQuest Model. Learn how to find, create and share WebQuests. Whether you're an education student new to the topic or an experienced teacher educator looking for materials, you'll find something here…  learn more

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This article from the British Council shows how WebQuests can help students learn. The article covers... Defining a webquest Reasons for using webquests Structure of a webquest Producing a webquest Implementing a webquest  learn more

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What is a WebQuest?

A set of short videos describing webquests and how to make them.  learn more

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Zunal is one of the original Internet sites that allows you to create web quests quickly and easily. It's also a great place to see what other teachers have done. You can view WebQuests broken out by grade level and subject area. You can create a single WebQuest for free. A "pro" account costs $20…  learn more

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Zunal WebQuest Tutorial

Leslie Lott created this walk through a few years back on using the WebQuest tool, Zunal.com. Using a tool like Zunal.com or QuestGarden.com, you can quickly create a WebQuest and try things out for yourself.  learn more