Weather is the true cross disciplinary subject. It impacts history, biology & geology, informs health, can be modeled and understood using math, and is represented in art & music. And the changes in weather around the globe continue to shape the landscape.

Use the Internet to monitor major weather events and their effects in real-time or on a day-by-day basis.

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Asian Tsunami Imagery

Digital Globe shows the impacts of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami using descriptions and satellite images.  learn more

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Earthdata Hazards and Disasters

NASA's satellite imagery enable students to get a snapshot of the Earth in near-real time. This timely data is useful for a range of applications e.g. to detect fires, track smoke, ash and dust plumes; to monitor aerosols, carbon monoxide (CO) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). This data is used for air quality assessments, to determine…  learn more

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Hot Map

Look at Climate Hot Map for comprehensive information about global warming.  learn more

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Hurricane Hunters

Hurricanehunters transports the students via a cyberflight into the eye of a storm. Check out the Cyber Flight link!  learn more

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Up-to-date information on regions within the US are posted at NOAA.  learn more

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Old Farmers Almanac

Since 1792, The Old Farmer's Almanac has published useful information for people in all walks of life.  learn more

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The Daily Martian Weather Report

For a different perspective, check out the current weather on Mars. NASA's InSight mission provides reports on temperatures and wind speeds from its home at Elysium Planitia. For Mars, a warm day might top out at 30.3° F and a cold night drop to -133.8° F. Using information like this, students can see that Earth…  learn more

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United States Drought Monitor

This map, maintained by National Drought Mitigation Center and updated weekly, tracks the current conditions in the United States. With droughts now impacting nearly every part of the U.S., this web site tracks the week-to-week changes. See what areas are currently being affected, how things change from week to week, and how long it can…  learn more

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Weather in Australia

Compare the way weather information is displayed and and what's included for Australia weather with that of the U.S. The weather bureaus in most countries have a public web site. Add to your curriculum by including weather and satellite images for the country currently under discussion.  learn more

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Weather Underground

The Weather Underground is a comprehensive site for teachers, administrators and parents, discussion of environmental issues is conducted via e-mail, current news can be matched to your curriculum, and a very exciting monthly live TV program in real time, examining natural disasters, is available.  learn more

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WeatherBug is different in that it has sensors deployed at thousands of schools, major sports stadiums, broadcast stations and public safety facilities across the U.S. (Possibly in your school.) You can use this site to show how weather can vary from one side of town to the other.  learn more