Science Experiments/Projects

The easiest way to get students engaged is to have them build something.

A simple vibrating motor “robot” can become a physics lesson and math lesson and art project and writing project (e.g., write a story titled The Land of The Lost Robots).

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Make A Solar Powered Hot Air Balloon

Learn how you can make a solar powered hot air balloon with just tape and black plastic trash bags. An interesting project for a sunny day.  learn more

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Steve Spangler Science

CHECK OUT OUR FAVORITE EXPERIMENTS AND ACTIVITIES At Steve Spangler Science, we’re on a mission to inspire a new generation of scientists and engineers. A subscription to the Steve Spangler…  learn more

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How to Make a Volcano Science Project

A volcano is a mountain or a hill with an opening where magma is pushed out into the Earth’s surface with immense force. As soon as magma reaches…  learn more

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Dr. Shawn's Idea Bank

For ideas, contributed by the Society of Amateur Scientists, review the Dr. Shawn's Idea Bank. Includes articles on How To Pick the Right Science Project and Desperation Science…  learn more

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Free Resources and Free Access Want to create the best possible science project? You’re in exactly the right place! While you’re here browsing for the perfect project, don’t…  learn more

Science Experiments for Kids

Science experiments you can do at home! Explore an ever-growing list of hundreds of fun and easy science experiments. Have fun trying these experiments at home or use…  learn more

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Bill Nye - Home Demos

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, has assembled 40+ simple & fun experiments you can do at home or in the classroom. Create everything from a simple stethoscope or…  learn more

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Autodesk Instructables

A PROJECT FOR EVERY LESSON. Instructables is committed to helping teachers inspire, engage, and prepare students through hands-on projects to make in the classroom. Always free, and always…  learn more

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24 Science Kits for Middle and High School That Make Hands-On Lessons Easy

Students often tell us the coolest thing about science class is doing hands-on activities. But it’s often time-consuming to gather and organize all the materials. Our favorite solution?…  learn more

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McDonald Observatory Classroom Activities

Standards-aligned activities and experiments for K-12 students, from modeling the night sky and observing the moon to guessing interplanetary distances and exploring sunspots. These engaging, TEKS/TAKS-aligned activities create…  learn more

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ASP: K-12 Educational Activities

Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Many of the ASP Programs, through the Education Staff, have produced science-rich, astronomy activities, materials, and kits used by educators, families, amateur astronomers,…  learn more

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National Geographic: Explorer Classroom

WHERE EDUCATION MEETS EXPLORATION Join Explorer Classroom — a live interactive session that connects young people with National Geographic Explorers — to hear behind-the-scenes stories and interact with…  learn more

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Experiments with Google: Web VR Experiments

Web VR brought virtual reality to the web, making it easier for anyone to create, enjoy, and share VR experiences. The next phase of this evolution is WebXR,…  learn more

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10 Google Experiments to Explore

Discover a world of boundless creativity and innovation! Thousands of extraordinary experiments have been created by brilliant coders using Chrome, Android, AI, AR, and beyond for over a…  learn more

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Science Bob!

“Science Bob” Pflugfelder is a science teacher, author, maker, and presenter that knows how to share the world of science like never before. Bob continues his work through…  learn more

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iTeachly: 1-2 Drawing Scientifically

Here is your Free Content for your Lesson on Drawing Scientifically! Drawing Scientifically Worksheet - Word Docs, PowerPoint, & PDF's  learn more

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Halloween Slime Pumpkin Volcano Experiment

Pumpkins with ghoulish faces and illuminated by candies are a sure sign of the Halloween season. The practice of decorating jack-o’-lantern originated in Ireland, where large turnips and…  learn more

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PhET: Free Online Simulations

Interactive Simulations for Science and Math. Teachers have access to simulation-specific tips and video primers, resources for teaching with simulations, and activities shared by our teacher community. Free…  learn more

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Benjamin Franklin Resources

The Franklin Institute site is a creative pacesetter for student exhibits. If you want to help students design their own exhibits, check out this museum. Dive deeper into…  learn more

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With the right sized paper clip, anything is possible. That’s not only because of National Paper Clip Day, which happens on May 29th every year. It’s because many…  learn more

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Science is Fun - University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin-Madison Chemistry Professor Bassam Z. Shakhashiri shares the joy of science through home science activities, public presentations, scholarship, and other programs of the Wisconsin Initiative for…  learn more

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Smithsonian Institution: For Educators

The Smithsonian is a laboratory for learning and innovation. The Smithsonian shares the depth and breadth of the institution’s extraordinary collections and research with learners of all ages…  learn more

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26 Science Experiments for Spring

Celebrate spring with these free science and engineering lessons, projects, and activities for enriching hands-on STEM related to spring weather, flowers, plants, and more!  Science Buddies Lesson Plans contain…  learn more