Printing & 3D Slicer Software

Check with your printer manufacturer to see which programs they recommend.

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3D Slicer Settings for Beginners

There are a lot of variables when 3D printing. Proper 3D slicer settings can mean the difference between a successful print, and a failed print. These slicer settings are stored in what's called a Printer Profile. Think of it like a recipe car telling your slicer how best to "bake" or create the 3D print.…  learn more

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How to make a 3D print

This video gives you a quick look at the steps needed to take an .slt file (downloaded in this case) and turn it into a printed object using Repetier-Host.  learn more

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ideaMaker Slicer Software

ideaMaker is another slicer program that's maintained by a printer manufacturer (in this case Raise3D), but is totally free to download and use with any printer. This is our webmaster's preferred choice for everyday printing. The program starts up much quicker than Cura and makes organizing and printing multiple items simple and quick. Printing profiles…  learn more

Printing Your 3D Items

Once you have a 3D model file (.stl or .3mf) of the item to be printed, you're ready to print it. If you don't have a model file, learn how to create or download one on our  page. What you do next depends on your 3D printer and the software that comes with it. The main steps are: ! . Turn the 3D model into a set of simple step-by-step "g-code" commands that your printer can understand. Your 3D masterpiece is "sliced" into tens or hundreds of thin layers. For each…  learn more

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While it looks a little intimidating, Repetier-Host takes you thru the process of slicing and printing your .stl file 3D creations step-by-step. More importantly, it gives you a nice control panel to operate your 3D printer and send custom g-codes to your printer. It's free, with versions for both PC and Mac. This is the…  learn more

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Setting Up Cura and Your Printer Profile

This video goes thru the steps needed to download and install Cura on your computer and how to set up your printer profile. While the latest versions of Cura have profiles for many printers already built-in, it's nice to know what all the values mean and what they do. Check your printer manufacturer's web site…  learn more

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Ultimaker Cura

Cura is probably the most popular slicer program in use. It will create g-code files and can even be used to control your 3D printer directly. While maintained by Ultimaker (a printer manufacturer), there are configuration files for just about any 3D printer out there. It's free to download and use and is the recommended…  learn more