Photography Resources

With the advent of the ubiquitous smart phone and no-cost image editing on computers, you can now incorporate photography into any classroom.

Posting student images on a  class web site or a photo sharing site allows involvement of fellow students, friends and parents. You can do this for any subject, not just art & photography.

Learning the “tricks of the trade” from experts will help your students gain a mastery of this powerful communications medium.

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360 Slow Motion

So, you might not be able to duplicate this rig at your high school, but you can use this as a springboard to explore what sort of interesting…  learn more

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7 Smartphone Photography Tips & Tricks

Photographer Lorenz Holder demonstrates some easy & creative smartphone photography tips & tricks. New ways to look at panoramas, "free" zoom and macro lenses, easy tripod & shutter…  learn more

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Beauty in Photographic Portraits

This page looks at a machine learning algorithm developed at Yahoo Labs that distinguishes beautiful portraits from the not-so perfect. The results... The single most important factor is…  learn more

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Camera Pan Head for $10

This post shows you how you can build a light, simple Pan Head for an camera using a kitchen timer for around 10 bucks and 15 minutes of…  learn more

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Camera Phone Tutorials

While today's smart phones do not have the capabilities of a high-end SLR camera, the gap is narrowing every year. Schools like Stanford University are now offering classes…  learn more

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Capturing the Milky Way

You can use this page as an introduction to Astrophotography. It details experiences and ideas to help you capture your own star images, including maybe the Milky Way.…  learn more

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Complete Guide to eCommerce Photography

In addition to portraits and landscapes, there is the whole area of product shots for advertising and eCommerce. This resource shows simple setups your students can use to…  learn more

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Jefferson High School Digital Photography

Mary Swanson posted this photo montage of images from Jefferson High School. Take your student's photos and assemble them into a video they can share with parents &…  learn more

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Photography Projects for High School

What better place for photography ideas than Pinterest. Elizabeth Osborne has compiled over 250 photography ideas for High School students. Elizabeth teaches high school art, photography and 2D…  learn more

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Photo Editor Free Online: iPiccy

Photo Editor. Collage Maker. Graphic Designer Everything you need to make your photo awesome online  learn more

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Photoshop Tutorials

The Photoshop Training Channel (PTC) is a Photoshop resource site for beginners, where you can find high-quality Adobe Photoshop Training & Tutorials for photo manipulation, retouching, text effects, and much…  learn more