Middle School Life Science

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Middle School Life Science Curriculum

A life science course is typically the recommended course for sixth grade students. A life science curriculum aims to teach students about the diverse life forms found throughout…  learn more

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PBS: Human Impact of the Environment

Human Impact on the Environment is a collection of resources that shows real-world effects of our actions on the environment. The collection supports teachers who wish to integrate environmental…  learn more

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TeachersFirst's Human Body Systems - Science Resources

This collection of resources will help you research information about human body systems. Read the descriptions to find out whether a site sounds right for what you want…  learn more

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Cells Alive

CELLS alive! represents 30 years of capturing film and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms for education and medical research. The majority of the site is free of…  learn more

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Top Strategies for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology

Find top strategies for teaching anatomy and physiology to bring it alive in the classroom with resources that will draw students in, hold their interest, and maximize their…  learn more

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CK-12 Life Science for Middle School

CK-12 Life Science for Middle School FlexBook® covers core life science concepts and includes PLIX, real world examples, and videos.  learn more

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5 Free Photosynthesis Worksheets for Middle and High School

Teaching photosynthesis this year? You’re in the right place! Five fantastic photosynthesis worksheets are ready to help your students learn and review this essential topic. There are activities…  learn more

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PBS Learning Media: Cool Ways Animals Adapt For the Winter

Spot on Science shares how animals survive the winter, including warm layers, hibernation, and torpor.  learn more

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Surviving Winter: Animal Adaptation Strategies | Mountain Lake Journal

Join naturalist Mark Fraser on a nature walk to see how the animals of the Adirondack Park in upstate New York prepare for the tough winter ahead and…  learn more

50 Sensational 7th Grade Science Fair Projects and Classroom Activities

Engage every student with these 7th-grade science fair projects, whether they’re interested in biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, or any other discipline. Plus, find interesting classroom demos, experiments,…  learn more

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Texas Parks and Wildlife: Snakes

Snake!  Just say the word and for a lot of people, shivers go up and down their spine. Snakes have been objects of fascination or fear and suspicion…  learn more

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The Tech Interactive: Life Science

These lessons explore the natural world of animals, plants and even living things we can’t see, like bacteria! Your learners will engage more deeply with life sciences when…  learn more

PBS LearningMedia: SciGirls | Plants Count

Naturalists study animals and plants in the wild and have sharp observational skills. They can spend hours in the field observing and recording data to understand how plants…  learn more

Wildlife Week: April 1-7

National Wildlife Federation. Join our “wildlife watch” for an exciting look into the ways wildlife behave in their habitats across America. Through live wildlife cams and fun animal…  learn more


Here you'll find a wealth of resources and information aimed at helping educators bring genetics, bioscience and health alive in the classroom. A companion to the popular Learn.Genetics website, Teach.Genetics…  learn more

National Wildlife Federation Lesson Plans

The National Wildlife Federation has over 1,000 lesson plans designed to introduce students to life science, ecology, wildlife biology, scientific identification and observation. All lesson plans are aligned…  learn more