Math and Map Making

How we view the world depends on what map(s) we use. A map good for navigation might not be good at showing the true size of countries or continents.

You can easily integrate some math concepts, such as scale or navigational geometry, into the study of maps.

These particular sites may or may not be appropriate for the grade level you teach, but they will surely spur your imagination towards getting the most mileage from your study of maps.

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Africa vs. the world

Africa doesn't look that big on the map. In reality, Africa is bigger than the United States, China, India and a couple of European countries ... combined!  learn more

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Map Projections of The Earth

Cartographers face the "orange peel" problem when mapping the surface of Earth onto a flat piece of paper. The mathematician Euler proved that this can not be done…  learn more

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Mercator Puzzle

A fun on-line game to show how the Mercator projection changes the apparent size of a country depending on its latitude. The goal of the game is to…  learn more

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The Mathematics Of Map-Making In The Renaissance

Good for older students, this paper looks at the problem of map making and navigation – coming up with a way so that a ship's course could be…  learn more

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The Quest for Longitude and the Rise of Greenwich

In 1492 when Columbus crossed the Atlantic, although latitude could be measured (typically from observations of the Pole Star), there was no reliable way of measuring a ship's…  learn more

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What are Map Projections? (And Why They Are Deceiving to the Human Eye)

From the people who brought you 50 Map Projections, this post looks at how map projections are made and why different map projections have different strengths and weaknesses.…  learn more

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What Does Earth Look Like?

Michael Stevens has an interesting look at perception and how our maps have shaped the perception of the Earth. Use the YouTube link to access all the resources…  learn more

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50 Map Projections Types: A Visual Reference Guide

If you’re in need of a visual reference guide to the various map projection types… Then, look no further. Because we’ve pumped out a goldmine of the top…  learn more