Maker Movement

You know something is truly revolutionary when you have no idea exactly where to place it in this library.

The Maker Movement is relatively new, but is quickly gaining traction as educators and parents realize the incredible energy it can bring to the school environment.

This billboard was photographed in Silicon Valley near San Jose, CA. Odds are, there are resources available in your area.


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Paper Roller Coasters

Here's an easy way to get started. Have your students create a roller coaster out of nothing but construction paper, tape, glue and string. The objective: have a…  learn more

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Student's perspectives on Maker Spaces

Manurewa High School is one of the largest multicultural high school secondary schools in New Zealand, with an enrollment of about 2,000 students. After their new maker space…  learn more

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What is a Makerspace?

The makerspace (also referred to as hackerspace) concept is simple and as such it can take many forms. Give people tools, space and community and you get a…  learn more

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A Night Away From Home

Think maker spaces are just for older kids and tech nerds? This video was created in one of Einstein's Workshop's stop motion animation classes, by Sophie and Allanna,…  learn more

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Hackerspace In A Box

Hackerspace-in-a-box is a classroom experiment exploring the horizons of emerging technologies, science, media, art, emotional/social intelligence, and PLAY through hackerspace facilitated workshops. This is one of their test…  learn more

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List of Hacker Spaces

A good way to see what all the excitement is about is to visit a nearby maker space. This map locates maker spaces in every part of the…  learn more

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The Self-Driving Potato

Marek Baczynski made a self driving potato. And then named him "Pontus" and adopted him as a pet. This video is part how-to-build, and lament on how adopting…  learn more

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Einstein's Workshop

Here is another maker space aimed at students and adults (big kids?). They encourage education through exploration, providing toys and tools to help students learn first-hand how science…  learn more

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Howtoons is what happens when you combine a comic book artist, an inventor, and a toy designer. Howtoons provides engaging content that teaches kids how to build things,…  learn more

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Seven Cornerstones of Making with Kids

Jennifer Turliuk and Andy Forest outline their recipe for success in this Make Magazine article: dedicated space, real tools, process and interest driven, kids teaching kids, exhibition and…  learn more

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How to Start a Makerspace

What is a Makerspace? STEM education has come alive with the maker movement, which encourages hands-on learning and creative problem-solving. Makerspaces give people the power to bring their…  learn more