How to Start a Makerspace

What is a Makerspace? STEM education has come alive with the maker movement, which encourages hands-on learning and creative problem-solving. Makerspaces give people the power to bring their ideas to life through engineering, design, experimentation, and refinement of prototypes. Makerspaces have opened up a world of invention, allowing students to turn ideas into reality.

Our Elementary, Middle School, and High School Maker Curriculum was designed with makerspaces, project-based learning, and fun in mind. Each lesson is aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards, Indiana Employability Skills Framework, NGSS and STEM Careers. These lessons showcase how to combine several subjects and academic standards to create worthwhile, complete products that students are interested in making. These lessons can be completed in a makerspace or classroom and are designed for 55-minute class periods. The 1st Maker Space Elementary, Middle, and High School Curriculum is available for FREE for current clients and can be accessed in the 1MS Member Section.