Keyboarding Skills

It’s never too early to start working on kid’s keyboarding skills — something they will be using for their entire life.

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BBC - Dance Mat Typing

Here is a fun site for younger children from the BBC. Takes them from the home row thru more advanced skills. Includes worksheets you can print out (make…  learn more

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Kids React To Typewriters

What happens when you show kids 6 to 13 a typewriter. No, it's not a computer that prints while you type.  learn more

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Keyboarding Games

Here are some more keyboard exercises and games from Crazy Games.  learn more

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 Online free typing tutor teaching kids and adults how to type on a computer keyboard  learn more

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Keyboard Ninja

A fun way to learn how to learn keyboarding skills.  learn more

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Free Typing Games

We at FreeTypingGame.Net are committed to bringing you high quality, fun and interactive free touch typing games, free touch typing lessons, and free touch typing tests. Our free typing tutor…  learn more

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TypeTastic is an easy and flexible online typing tutor which gives the students the tools to learn fluent touch-typing technique through a variety of games and activities. TypeTastic…  learn more

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Learn to Type

Find your WPM (words per minute) score in our 1-minute, 3-minute, and 5-minute typing tests. Engage students with fun typing games, interactive lessons, and achievements. Keyboarding, Digital Literacy,…  learn more

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Keyboarding for Kids: 21 Websites to Teach Students How to Type

What to Look for in a Typing Program?  When looking for a program, website, or app to teach elementary students to type there are a few things to…  learn more

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Online Learning Tutorials: Basic Computer Essentials

In today's world, virtually everyone needs to know how to use a computer and how to type on a computer keyboard. Most jobs involve some type of computer,…  learn more

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Are you a touch typist or do you thumb and one-finger type your way through life? For a year, I learned how to be a two-fingered typist. Then, I…  learn more

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Typesy uses a structured curriculum and the science of muscle memory to make students lightning fast and ultra-efficient with the computer. Typing is the most essential skill for…  learn more

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Typing Land

Typing Land is an Android app that teaches you how to type through 40 different mini-games. The app is designed for both children and adults and requires the use of…  learn more

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Handwriting vs. Keyboarding–from a Student’s Perspective

Every year, I have 4th-grade students compare handwriting speed to keyboarding speed. We run it like an experiment.  learn more

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Tech Skills for Kids

Learn and practice basic technology skills for elementary students. Perfectly compatible with any device and browser, these web-based flashcards offer a refreshing and engaging approach to practicing spelling…  learn more

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Nitro Type: Competitive Typing

Learn to Type Blazing Fast. The Leader in Typing Games.. Improve your typing skills while competing in fast-paced races with up to 5 players from around the world.…  learn more