High School Physics

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School Physics

Schoolphysics online is freely available to all. This is an invaluable resource base for all 11 to 19 year old Physics students and their teachers.  learn more

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The Physics Classroom

The Physics Classroom is an online, free to use physics website developed primarily for beginning physics students and their teachers. The website features a variety of sections intended…  learn more

Physics Resources

BLOSSOMS video lessons are enriching students' learning experiences in high school classrooms from Brooklyn to Beirut to Bangalore. Our Video Library contains over 100 math and science lessons,…  learn more

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Learn Physics Through Beautifully Illustrated Fairy Tales

Learn physics the fun way – through beautifully illustrated fairy tales! In Newton’s Laws: A Fairy Tale, you’ll read about young Kip, whose only inheritance from his father is…  learn more

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Help Teaching: Printable Physics Worksheets, Tests, and Activities

Try physics tests on motion, energy, and forces. Take a quiz to test your knowledge of electrical circuits using schematic symbols.  learn more

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Because Learning!

How far can STEM go? An educational experience is more than just what happens in the classroom. Let’s follow our curiosity and keep exploring together.  learn more

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Physics Today

Physics Today, the flagship publication of the American Institute of Physics, is the most influential and closely followed physics magazine in the world. The mission of Physics Today is…  learn more

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Phys.org: News & Articles on Science & Technology

Phys.org is a news site covering a wide range of topics, including physics, earth science, nanotechnology, and engineering. They publish approximately 100 articles every day.  learn more

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Find information on motion, heat and thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, light, and modern physics topics. If you're still not sure what to click, try our site map that lists all of the topics on the…  learn more

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PBS: Physics Girl

Discover the immersive, perplexing, and hands-on side of physical science with Dianna Cowern, host of Physics Girl. In this series from PBS Digital Studios, Dianna shows us how…  learn more

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70 Best High School Science Fair Projects in Every Subject

The cool thing about high school science fair projects is that kids are old enough to tackle some pretty amazing concepts. Some science experiments for high school are…  learn more