Hands-on Physics

Nothing helps comprehension like working with concepts in the real world.

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Build a Putt Putt/Pop Pop Steam Boat

A true hand-on physics project appropriate for older, 6-8 grade kids.  learn more

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How To Make A Magnetic Compass

This video shows a simple way to create a compass. A great classroom demonstration project.  learn more

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Little Shop of Physics

The Little Shop of Physics at Colorado State is not horrific at all. It contains 60 experiments which use hand-on materials and computers. Students can explore their "blind…  learn more

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Soda Can Steam Engine

Janet Hoekenga shows hot to build a simple steam engine, known as a aeolipile or Heron's engine, using nothing more than a soda can, a needle and some…  learn more

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Two cans and a string

A string phone can be used to demonstrate critical concepts of physics.  learn more

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When Water Flows Uphill

In the Leidenfrost Effect, a water droplet will float on a layer of its own vapor. The physicists at the University of Bath used this effect to create…  learn more

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Science4Fun from Abdul Wahab Malik in Pakistan includes an extensive section on simple Physics explanations. In addition, there a number of easy-to-do physics experiments in the Science Experiments…  learn more

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Online Tone Generator

A tone generator has a variety of uses. You can explore interference, waves, and the physics of music. Connect a bare speaker to your computer's earphone jack and…  learn more