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Global SchoolNet

Global SchoolNet is a non-profit education organization who's mission is to support learning and improve academic performance through content-driven collaboration. They engage educators and youth in e-learning projects…  learn more

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iEARN Collaboration Centre

The iEARN project has encouraged on-line communications between students in the US, Eastern Europe and Latin America through over 100 active global projects. For example, as a result…  learn more

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Fish and Wildlife Service

The US Fish and Wildlife Service highlights regional contrasts.  learn more

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Recycle City

This game from the EPA allows students to explore Recycle City to see how its people reduce waste, use less energy, and save money by doing simple things…  learn more

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GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment)

GLOBE is dedicated to environmental studies, a core collection of this Internet Resource Center.  learn more

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Making Learning Visible

Some recently developed models of thinking rely upon visualization so students can replicate how experts conceptualize a challenge. Making Learning Visible also stresses collaboration.  learn more

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Get inspirED

High school students say they feel tired, bored, or stressed 75% of the time they are in school. Yet 88% of students say they want to feel happy, excited…  learn more

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What is Yo Teach! and How Does It Work? Best Tips and Tricks

Yo Teach! is an interactive digital space for your class to share and feedback. Yo Teach!(opens in new tab) is an online-based collaborative workspace that allows educators and…  learn more

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Intel K-12 Education Resources

K–12 Education Resources and Technology Planning Discover K–12 education with Intel and learn about the future of education, including skills, STEM education, and resources for teachers and students.…  learn more

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ePALS allows you to connect, communicate and collabortae with educators around the world. You can also Explore Experiences – a.k.a., collaborative lesson plans – involving tasks like designing…  learn more

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Peace Corps' Educators

Peace Corps' Educators initiative fosters an understanding of other cultures and global issues by providing online educational resources and linking U.S. learners and current and returned Peace Corps…  learn more