Building Class Websites

Teachers at all grade levels are finding individual classroom web sites are great for communicating with students and parents.

And students put in more effort when they know that their work might be displayed on a classroom web site.

Free and open source, WordPress provides an excellent option for creating the personal and classroom web sites that can grow and expand.

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10 Ways WordPress Is Used in Schools

WordPress is used for way more than "just blogs". Edublogs lists 10 different ways WordPress is being used in schools, along with examples to trigger your own inspiration and ideas.  learn more

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Education Continues Outside the Classroom on

This blog entry takes a closer look at how some tech-savvy teachers are using to create educational experiences that seamlessly blend the traditional and virtual worlds.  learn more

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Guidelines for Designing a Good Web Site for ESL Students

Charles Kelly created the Guidelines for Designing a Good Web Site for ESL Students. While some points are specifically aimed at ESL teachers, the suggestions can apply to all web sites.  learn more

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How to Start a Blog

Robert Mening has developed this guide to step you thru creating your own WordPress site with your own domain name. He says you can start blogging in 20 minutes in just 6 steps. This resource shows how easy it is to get started.  learn more

Just Do It

Getting started with WordPress involves a couple of steps, but is easy and straightforward. Give it a shot, start simple, and see how it evolves.  learn more

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Setting up a Teacher Website in WordPress

We know of whole schools and school districts set up a multi-user version of WordPress and give every instructor their own web site, ready to go. Here is an example from Crystal Lake, IL school district that takes teachers thru the steps needed to set up and start using WordPress. With WordPress being free and…  learn more

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SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround is one of the many third party companies that will host your WordPress web site at low or no cost. The advantage of these companies is you can have more options or plugins than those provided by, without the hassle of running your own web server. Different companies offer different levels of flexibility,…  learn more

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Why The Name Brands Use WordPress

This blog article addresses many of the common questions and myths around WordPress. It explains how WordPress is easy to use, beautiful, scalable and why it's free.  learn more

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WordPress For Dummies

This book takes you step by step thru the process of setting up your WordPress site, choosing a theme (i.e., the layout and colors of your web site), adding content, using plugins, and more. Covers the differences between and hosting your own WordPress site, and how to do set up a WordPress site either…  learn more

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WordPress RSS Feeds

WordPress supports RSS feeds "out of the box". This article explains why that can be useful and how to access them on your WordPress site.  learn more

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WordPress has two main web sites. The first is, which allows you to create your own WordPress web site for free using their servers. While there are add-ons that you can purchase, the free version will give you everything you need to have your own place on the Internet. Many of the sites referenced…  learn more

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WordPress has two main web sites. The second,, showcases what you can do with WordPress, especially when hosted on on your own, or a third party, web server. This site is mainly for technical types, providing documentation on how WordPress works and the thousands of plugins that can be used to customize a web…  learn more