Teaching High School

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100 High School Debate Topics To Engage Every Student

We Are Teachers Jill Staake on November 23, 2021 Learning to debate well is an important life skill, so don’t avoid it in your classroom because it feels too adversarial. Debates teach students to research their topic, make informed choices, and argue effectively using facts instead of emotion. First, try fun or funny high school debate…  learn more

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High School Lesson Plans & Tips

Teachers will find general advice on classroom management and teaching techniques for working with diverse teenagers of varying abilities and backgrounds, as well as creative tried-and-true lesson plans covering key subjects and topics taught in the junior and senior high school years. Parents will find information on helping their child stay focused and successful, despite…  learn more

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The Joy in Teaching High School

Years ago, I had become so focused on curriculum and objectives that I had lost sight of the most important element of my professional existence: teenagers. A few changes in my behavior helped improve my relationship with the students, which led me to my current perspective. Anne-Marie Cormier-Bausch March 16, 2018  learn more