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10 Digital Storytelling Projects

Richard Byrne has compiled this free eBook as an inspiration and guide to teachers. Ten teachers talk about their and their students experiences, everything from Keeping History Alive…  learn more

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Digital Storytelling Resources

Kathy Schrock has assembled an extensive list of additional resources if you want to delve into this topic further.  learn more

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How To Create A Digital Story

Nicole Kaffel has assembled an easy to follow step-by-step guide that will guide your students through the digital storytelling process. You may use different software, but the steps…  learn more

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Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the perfect font for an article or headline, and then not being able to identify it. This site uses a series of…  learn more

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Teachers and Writers Collaborative

The Teachers and Writers Collaborative predates the era of Web publishing. Based in NYC, it sponsors in-residence workshops. While not necessarily pertinent to the virtual world, the Collaborative…  learn more

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WhatTheFont is another site to help you identify the font's name. If you have an image of the font, you can upload it and WHatTheFont will try to…  learn more

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To include flowcharts, graphs and other visual representations use It is free, open source software that can be used on-line (or downloaded onto your computer). It can…  learn more

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Google Fonts

Nothing is worse than finding that perfect font, then finding out that it cannot be licensed or the costs are prohibitive. Google has indexed over 800 open source…  learn more