Project Experts

A team approach to a teachers’ exchange is clearly quite valuable. How fascinating it would be to contrast the perspectives of folks in other countries on this subject.

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Department of Energy

The Department of Energy site dedicates space for those seeking expertise in energy and renewable energy, in particular.  learn more

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Exoplanet Exploration

Learn the latest on planets outside our solar system. This NASA JPL web site looks at the search for planets outside our solar system. It includes current news, discoveries, data, and interactive 3-D visualizations of exoplanets. Check out the exoplanet travel posters.  learn more

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GLOBE provides grade level-appropriate, interdisciplinary activities and investigations about the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and soil/pedosphere, which have been developed by the scientific community and validated by teachers. GLOBE connects students, teachers, scientists, and citizens from different parts of the world to conduct real, hands-on science about their local environment and to put this in a…  learn more

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Mars Exploration

Tracks NASA's current missions to the red planet. Includes All About Mars, News, videos, and even 3D & interactive images of Mars. Everything you ever wanted to know about Mars. Includes current news and projects for students of all ages.  learn more