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Explore videos, games, activities, lessons, and printables – all organized by subject. Teach and Practice Skills for Healthy Habits Teachers, we are here to make your busy lives easier. Our site is filled with hundreds of resources, created with educators, for whole-child wellness. Learn more about how fit works and check out our FAQ for educators! fitUnits provide K-5 students with interactive…  learn more

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PBS Learning Media: Physical Education

Physical Education examines how students are taught to improve their physical health through movement, exercise, and athletics. The lesson plan "A Game for Life" explores how soccer has been used to educate the youth of one South African community on AIDs prevention. Fitness BINGO is a fun way to increase whole body fitness and teamwork…  learn more

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PE Central

Practical, proven lesson plans written and submitted by real teachers and approved by our expert editorial team! Helpful online courses and information for the physical education teacher who wants to continue to develop and grow! Helpful resources for physical educators who teach children with disabilities.  learn more

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PE Central: What Works in Physical Education

A place for K-12 physical educators to visit that would provide them with information and resources to help them deliver developmentally and instructionally appropriate physical education to their students. Some ideas to include on the site were assessments, health, and physical education lesson ideas, job announcements, links to the top sport and instructional sites on…  learn more

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Physical Education Update

Physical Education Update shows you the secret tricks of the trade that help PE teachers improve sport technique, keep phys-ed classes fun, jazz up PE lesson plans, update your coaching, get kids fit and much, much more! It provides practical information that you can use with your physical education classes & school sports teams...right away!!  learn more