Other Video Internet Resources

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C-SPAN in the Classroom

C-Span provides a wealth of resources, including unrestricted taping and viewing rights on C-Span produced programming for use in the classroom, lesson plans & teaching ideas, and an extensive archive. A must for American history teachers!  learn more

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CNN emphasizes current events with links to relevant background. An extensive video and audio archive and some interactive activities can be found under CNN's Multimedia section header. They publish sites in other languages (Spanish, etc.), giving language students a place to test their skills and stay informed.  learn more

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Inexpensive Stage Scenery

In addition to channels dedicated to specific topics, YouTube allows you to assemble your own list of videos using the Search feature. Searching for "cheap stage scenery" produced a list of ideas for creating interesting yet inexpensive stage scenery for your next school production.  learn more

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Next Vista For Learning

Next Vista For Learning provides a library of over 2,000 free videos made by and for teachers and students everywhere. They encourage anyone interested to submit short, creative videos that could help students learn anything one might encounter in school. A great project for your media class.  learn more

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Numberphile is self described as "Videos about numbers - it's that simple." (I also have a bridge available for sale.) Topics include Problems with Zero, One Minus One Plus One Minus One (which starts to look a lot like Schrödinger's Cat), The Remarkable Way We Eat Pizza (looking at topology) and Infinity Is Bigger Than…  learn more

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The King of Random

Grant Thompson makes weekly videos dedicated to exploring life though all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects. Topics include everything from Start a Fire With a Water Bottle to How To Make Magic Mud From a Potato and Is It Possible To Freeze Anti-Freeze?. Grant does a good job of explaining what…  learn more