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Ideas for Music Lessons

Every Tuesday, we share a brand new teaching idea for music lessons. This could be a game, a worksheet, an interactive whiteboard resource, or a lesson plan. We give you the resource and we show you how to use it in a short video.  learn more

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Music Is Elementary

Welcome to Music is Elementary, the largest elementary catalog of music Instruments & music learning materials for elementary students. We recognize the importance of music in our culture and how essential it is to our society, which is why we carry the top brands at affordable prices!  learn more

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Music Training Can Be a Literacy Superpower

Holly Korbey June 23, 2022  When kids study music—intensively and over long periods of time—they become better readers. Here’s what’s at play. Music training improves the process of reading first by sharpening the brain’s attention to sound; as a child learns to read and play or sing specific notes, the brain’s ability to separate parallel…  learn more

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Resources for Music Educators

SmartMusic is the leading browser-based music education platform that connects teachers and students from the cloud to the classroom. It facilitates focused practice, assessment, and immediate feedback, making the link between educator and student even more powerful.  learn more