Migrant Education Resources

While partner projects among distant sites of migrant worker families have been implemented for several decades, on-line Internet schools seem especially suited to promoting learning continuity among this target group.

Many states and even counties have special resources and initiatives for Migrant Education. Check to see what program(s) are available at your state or county level.

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Big Sky

For an example of regional migrant education resources, check out BigSky. It has received a grant to build a corpus of links and is seeking help in expanding this database.  learn more

Project SMART

Project SMART in Kingsville, Texas addressed the well-established barrier to learning among migrant worker families, instructional discontinuity. SMART served schools in the 20 key states in which migrant families work during the summer before returning to Texas schools sometime in the fall as well as Texas locales at which these families may live on and off during the summer months. High school courses for credit and home learning were the two major program components.  learn more

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U.S. Department of Education Office of Migrant Education

The US Department of Education's Web site shows many model programs and resources for Migrant Education.  learn more