International Project Development

Each of these sites is devoted to seeding international project development.

Many sites want students to engage in the life of another country as if they actually lived there rather than just use the Internet as a vehicle for information exchange. That goal can be a powerful motivator.

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Directory of U.N. Organizations

For quick access to all of the UN organizations (including the NGOs) check the Directory of United Nations System Organizations.  learn more

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DoE International Collaboration Projects

The U.S. Department of Education tracks a number of international collaboration projects. Find current information using this link.  learn more

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How to Talk to Kids About Hunger

Children can make a positive difference in the lives of other kids in need. It's important to talk children about hunger, and inspire them to take action against it. Feeding America, formerly known as the Second Harvest Food Bank and the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization, has provided a toolkit of resources designed to help…  learn more

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InnoCentive helps diverse groups work together or outsourcing to experts for problem-solving. Typically, the problems might be universal cataloging or figuring out how to get the rid of the remains of the Valdez oil spill. Prizes can be awarded. Often problems are solved in an interdisciplinary context and should appeal to the organizers and to…  learn more

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Project Harmony

PH International was founded in 1985 for the purpose of cultural and educational exchanges between the then-USSR and the United States. Over the past twenty-eight years, more than 10,000 individuals have participated in PH's international exchange programs in the U.S. and across Eurasia and the Middle East.  learn more

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YSA Programs for Educators

Youth Service America provides lesson plans and school programs all across the U.S.  learn more