International Libraries

The national libraries of many nations have created online repositories. Here is a sample of what’s available,

The Internet allows us to be intrigued by “exotic” venues and learn about our near neighbors.

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Google Translate

Type text or a website address and Google can translate it into the language of your choice. Constantly improving and one of the better options out there. Some national library websites include English language resources. Many do not. Google Translate allows you to view an English language version of any web page. The translation is…  learn more

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National Diet Library of Japan

The national library of Japan has a wide range of on-line resources, including digitized books and publications, historical recordings, an earthquake archive, and an online gallery.  learn more

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National Libraries of The World

This page has links to national libraries for most countries, including a link to an English version, if available.  learn more

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National Library of Canada

The National Library of Canada has an extensive collection of images & ancestor records available on-line. This site is in both English and French, making it a nice resource for French language and multilingual classes.  learn more

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National Library of China

The National Library of mainland China has a number of exhibitions and lectures available on-line.  learn more

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The British Library

The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom and the second largest library in the world by number of items catalogued. It has a wide variety of on-line resources, including a searchable database of thousands of vintage maps, virtual books with 'Turning the Pages' and online exhibitions.  learn more

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TROVE - National Library of Australia

Trove brings together content from Australian libraries, museums, archives and other research organizations and gives students tools to explore and build. Books, data sets, pictures, maps, newspaper articles, diaries and more are all available.  learn more