Integration of Statistics in Research

Many teachers feel that the traditional approach to imparting statistics to high school students does not lend itself to inclusion in research activities. But by combining the two, students will have a better appreciation of both.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a section devoted to the K-12 community, with everything from games to student resources.  learn more

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DIG Stats

The activities cover descriptive statistics as well as inferential tests--often ignored at the high school level. Graphical analysis display 2 and 3-dimensional depictions of independent and dependent variables. The target audience is general rather than advanced students. This resource was developed by Tom Morgan at Virginia Tech.  learn more

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High School Statistics Curriculum

Math Is Fun has a good collection of statistics related activities, including topics like How to Do a Survey, Categorizing Quantitative Data, Accuracy & Precision, and Fair Dice.  learn more

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Integrating Math and Social Studies

Students used math to examine an on-line Cost Comparison map and explore the causes and consequences of food and transportation cost inequities (or differences) between the Canadian North and the rest of Canada. They looked at the cost of food items in various remote communities and how food is transported to those communities. The students…  learn more

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Stats Tutor

Dr Alun Owen at Loughborough University in England developed this site to help students and teachers. The site covers a wide variety of statistic topics and includes videos, tests, guides, and a glossary.  learn more