Integrating Math and Science

Teachers often strive to integrate math and science and throw in the towel because so much work is involved. Sometimes the available units are really science with a bit of mathematics, simple enough for the whole class, grafted onto the science activities.

Using integrated units from the get-go is a good thing.

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Are Submarines Waterproof

James May looks at whether or not submarines are waterproof, and goes on to explain exactly how they work. A great starting point for integrating math and physics. The link below has links to addition web resources on this topic.  learn more

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The Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC) (pronounced like "seismic") at the Georgia Institute of Technology is working to ensure that K-12 students receive the best possible preparation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) as they seek their place in the modern world, and to disseminate best practices to districts and…  learn more

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Math/Science Nucleus

Math/Science Nucleus serves as an online science resource center to assist teachers around the world. Their major goal is to develop problem solving capacity through science for the world's children and provides a free online reference science curriculum for elementary grades.  learn more

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National Math + Science Initiative

We update our library of free sample lessons regularly to help teachers while school system leaders consider how to partner with NMSI. We're also grateful to our incredible coaches and friends who have provided classroom-ready lessons in video format. PI Day lesson plans are available for Grades 6 & 7.  learn more

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Real Estate Lesson Ideas

This article notes that students often have trouble seeing their school lessons as relevant to real life. They suggest that real estate requires skills in math, science, English, social studies and home economics. By incorporating real estate-based lessons into your curriculum, you can help students gain valuable skills that can be related to real-life situations.…  learn more