Historical Photography

A photo tells 1000 words, goes the saying. Photographs can make a time and place more real, especially to today’s students.

With modern digital photography, future historians will have a rich trove of images to work with. One hundred years from now, what will be the definitive photographs of this era?

As you look at these works, think about what snapshots of an American life you would capture in photos today.

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Farm Security Administration / Office of War Information

Both the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information and Dorthea Lange document American life during the Great Depression. The photographers used black and white so their work is more "gritty" than we view today.  learn more

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New Deal Network

Includes photos and art, literature and historical documents about the Great Depression.  learn more

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Picturing Modern America: 1880 - 1920

Offers representative photos for students to replicate the work of historians by sifting and comparing photos for the history of the U.S. between 1880 and 1920. EDC has prepared lessons for students to scrutinize historical photographs for acquiring interpretation skills. The selection is interesting and varied.  learn more