Diverse Exhibits

The exhibits at these museums rotate between visiting and permanent collections. Encouraging your younger students to visit from time to time will help them learn about the role of museums in our national cultural life as well as the actual content itself. These sites are among the best on the Web for any age!


Comm Tech Lab

The Tech Lab at Michigan State has a goal of creating innovative learning experiences which elegantly integrate technology. Check out their wide range of current projects.  learn more

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Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago

The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago is now the home of "Sue", the largest-ever fossil of a T-rex. The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago represents an updating of this genre for the online age. It is now the home of "Sue", the largest fossil of a T-rex dinosaur. A virtual tour…  learn more

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Museum of Paleontology at UC Berkeley

The University of California at Berkeley's Museum of Paleontology, like the Franklin Institute site, is wonderfully designed for online access. The level of microdetail, so to speak, will stun your students (and you) with fascination. It synthesizes the study of evolution with the "nature of science". Also, look at www.myfossil.org.  learn more

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Smithsonian X 3D

The Smithsonian Institution has launched a new 3D scanning and printing initiative to make more of its massive collection accessible to schools, researchers and the public worldwide. Some of the first 3D scans include the Wright brothers' first airplane, Amelia Earhart's flight suit, casts of President Abraham Lincoln's face during the Civil War and a…  learn more

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Smithsonian X 3D Overview

This introduction to the Smithsonian X 3D web site explores the different (amazing!) ways the 3D scans can be used and displayed. With this site and a relatively inexpensive 3D printer, you can now not only talk about an artifact or item, but can print out a copy that your students can interact with in…  learn more

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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis includes extensive support for teachers. Check your local children's museum for similar resources.  learn more

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The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium's (San Francisco) permanent collections emphasize physics and a unique version of psychobiology. Students serve as explainers for the exhibits and visitors can observe the making of exhibits onsite. Special exhibits have offered over-the-Internet collaboration multimedia projects, such as designing a virtual city and exchange of data with NASA's airborne observatory. The Exploratorium has…  learn more

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The Smithsonian Institution

Another safe avenue for allowing students to do their own searches of discovery is to search one of the larger wide ranging content sites, like The Smithsonian Institution. Students can search large volumes of content – web pages, images, videos, and stories – with little chance of encountering inappropriate material. The Smithsonian, a collection of…  learn more