Comprehensive Collections & Resources

The major advantage of using these national centers is that you can locate and select projects from a large repository which meets your local classroom needs within your curriculum structure.

Your class, in turn, could develop a project of its own and post the results on-line or relay it to these centers.

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Bureau of Land Management: Resources for Educators

The Bureau of Land Management's education programs and materials help teachers and students understand resource areas, multiple-use land management, and how citizens can affect land use decisions. If you're a teacher, they have many programs designed specifically for you, including an Education Activities Database and Teachers on the Public Lands, where teachers spend their summer…  learn more

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Environmental Protection Agency

The Environmental Protection Agency hosts resources on a wide variety of topics, from air quality to bed bugs. Information is broken out by state. Select your state to see local news and resources.  learn more

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Environmental Science

Environmental science is the study of the effects of natural and unnatural processes, and of interactions of the physical components of the planet on the environment. This site looks at environmental science education and and identifies and encourages careers supporting environmental science. They cover everything from internships & scholarships to agriculture and public health.  learn more

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NASA TV, in addition to it's cable channel, maintains an Education Channel for students and teachers. View it on-line.  learn more

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North American Association for Environmental Education

NAAEE is a network of people who believe in teaching people how to think about the environment, not what to think. They use high-quality teaching methods to show people how to make a difference in the world through a positive, non-confrontational approach. NAAEE is dedicated to strengthening the field of environmental education and increasing the…  learn more

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SOFIA (Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy) gives you a taste of the wide range of resources available from NASA. Both pictures and videos are available from this airborne observatory. Check out other resources under the Mission heading.  learn more

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The Center for Global Environmental Education

K-12 Classroom Resources CGEE's mission is fostering environmental literacy and stewardship in citizens of all ages. The site includes a special section for K-12 classroom resources  learn more

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The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy hosts excellent information on rain forests ans well as local issues. Check out their photographs and videos.  learn more

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U.S. National Parks Service: Geology

America’s Geologic Legacy Come and explore the world's most magnificent rock collection—your National Parks. The science of geology will help you to better understand park scenery and Earth systems. The National Park Service uses science-based conservation methods to ensure that geologic features and systems are protected and remain as a legacy for future generations. But,…  learn more