Biology Studies Groups

While the cost of accessing sites like Biology: Exploring Life may seem a bit expensive, it illustrates the effort by teachers to receive compensation for developing good stuff. Some schools have shifted entirely to online materials rather than text.

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GenScope Project

GenScope Project, developed by Paul Horwitz, is an advanced tool which links stored data (such as animations) to software objects with their own properties in disconnected online databases.…  learn more

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Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor

The Human Genome Center at Lawrence Berkeley Labs shows sophisticated genetic data for advanced students.  learn more

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National Invasive Species Information Center

Invasive Species: Resource Library was prepared by the US Office of Agriculture. Many new discoveries have been found to strengthen crop production.  learn more

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Medical Mysteries

This online web adventure from Rice University encourages students use the scientific method and science process skills to investigate infectious disease outbreaks.  learn more

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Biotechnology Institute

The Biotechnology Institute, a non-profit, stirs interest in biotechnology and its potential for solving human health, food, and environmental problems, especially disease.  learn more

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CMS Molecular Biology Resource

Research tools for molecular biology are available at the CMS Molecular Biology Resource. Use iCell for understanding a larger unit that molecule.  learn more

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National Human Genome Research Institute

This site tracks and consolidates the latest news and advances. Includes special sections for students and educators. With the human genome sequence completed, scientists around the world have…  learn more