Backup and File Sharing Options

New services are appearing all the time. Here are some of the most popular ones, and some other options that might work for you.

The advantage of backing up to the cloud is that you never have to worry about loosing that USB memory stick or portable hard drive, and your data is protected no matter what happens to your computer or building. The services listed here encrypt your data before sending it out across the Internet and storing it.

Most services offer a limited sized free version. A good way to test the waters and learn what works best for you and your work groups.

In addition to sharing files between colleges, many services allow files to be shared between devices — PC’s, Mac’s, tablets and smart phones.

No matter what you use, regular backups of important files is crucial.

Hard drives are a mechanical wonder, but every hard drive will fail eventually. Even solid state drives (no moving parts) can be stolen, damaged or destroyed. Files can be accidentally deleted or a malicious virus can wipe out everything.

Doing regular backups can save you a world of grief. It’s one of those “pay me now or pay me later” sort of things.

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One of the most popular file sharing sites out there. While not a substitute for regular comprehensive backups, DropBox does provide a convenient way to back up and…  learn more

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Jungle Disk

Jungle Disk is primarily for computer backup, but does allow some file sharing. Designed to easily and automatically backup your computers and share files between computers. All files…  learn more

How Often Should You Backup?

Our rule of thumb is... If something bad happened, how many hours of work would you be willing to redo? For casual users, backing up once a day…  learn more