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Garbage Doesn't Lie

This short video talks about how the study of garbage piles -- or middens as archaeologists call them -- paints the true picture of how we live. A…  learn more

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Learning Sites

Learning Sites has created virtual worlds by reconstructing major archaeological sites in 3Dimensions. The discussion questions for students are very well-done and veer towards sound analyses of the…  learn more

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Odyssey Egypt

Odyssey takes you back to a dig in Egypt. You may encounter a hermit or a sandstorm or be invited to name the scholars' truck. You can almost…  learn more

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Why Salt & Pepper?

How did salt & pepper end up becoming the primary seasonings on everyone's table? This video looks at the historical as well as the chemical reasons that salt…  learn more

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Becoming Human

The University of Arizona has also developed a site that illustrates evolution thoroughly and engagingly, Becoming Human. Becoming Human--the title of this site pretty much tells the story!…  learn more