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Bird's eye view of flight

For everyone who's dreamed of flying like a bird, here's what it would look like. Taken in the French Alps around Chamonix.  learn more

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Dog Goes Weightless

Think you need a NASA sized budget to experience weightlessness? As you can see from this fun video, all you need is a personal airplane and the right…  learn more

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EAA's Free Young Eagles Flights

Since 1992, the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has been giving kids ages 8-17 the opportunity to fly in a small airplane at no cost to them, introducing them…  learn more

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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum has a complete on-line collection of planes (and space craft) with pictures and descriptions of over 356 aircraft. For a details…  learn more

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UEET Kid's Pages

No, UEET is not some strange South American bird. It's NASA's Ultra Efficient Engine Technology. These Kid's Pages were developed by NASA during the Centennial of Flight Celebration…  learn more

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Young Eagles at EAA Chapter 1093

EAA Chapter 1093 at the Midland Barstow Airport in Michigan created this video to describe how EAA's Young Eagle Program works.  learn more

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How Zero-gravity Flights Work

How do they simulate weightlessness without escaping the gravitational pull of the Earth? To experience a free fall safely, an aircraft climbs at a steep angle, levels off,…  learn more

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Fly High With Airplanes and Choice Boards!

Understanding how planes work appeals to the curiosity within many of us, including our students. It is an excellent opportunity to introduce STEAM exploration activities based upon these…  learn more

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Fixed-wing Aircraft Facts for Kids

A fixed-wing aircraft is a kind of aircraft. An aircraft is a machine that can fly, but is heavier than air. Fixed-wing aircraft are sometimes called airplanes, aeroplanes or sometimes just "planes". All fixed-wing aircraft…  learn more

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Make a Mini-Helicopter From Paper

Students can make a mini helicopter using just paper and paper clips. This activity from the Exploratorium includes a template you an print out, full directions, "what's going…  learn more