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25+ Amazing Educational Virtual Field Trips

While the Panda Cam is no longer running (the Pandas went back to China), your students can check out everything from aquariums and a Canadian farm to Yellowstone Park and Ellis Island.  learn more

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Children's Museum in Canada

The Canadian Museum of History (which includes the Canadian Children's Museum) has a wide range of on-line exhibits that will engage students and can be the basis for personal or classroom exploration. Scroll down and select Online Exhibitions to view over 90 different topics, from The Art of Puppetry and Pacific Coast Aboriginal Culture to…  learn more

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Colossal Cave Tour

Colossal Cave is a large cave system in southeastern Arizona. It contains about 3.5 miles of mapped passageways. If tight squeezes, narrow ledges and crevasses are your thing, Colossal Cave offers a special tour just for you. To go on the tour, hard hats, lights, and full-fingered (work) gloves are required. Knee and elbow pads…  learn more

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National Oceangraphic and Atmospheric Administration

Most action at the National Hurricane Center (accessible via NOAA) occurs in the summer. A large climatic data base is available via NOAA also. NOAA is developing Wind and Sea, a focused learning area in which of the 750 selected links 40% are unique to this site. Access this site and save a lot of…  learn more

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Virtual Travel for Kids: Virtual Field Trips, Museums, Zoos & More

This compilation of field trips from The Haphazard Traveler looks at everything from the Great Wall of China to The World's Largest Cave and the Boston Children's Museum.  learn more

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Wilson Tennis Ball Factory

See how the little green spheres are built in this wordless documentary look at the mass production of tennis balls, from glop to globe, in just over three minutes. It's directed by British photographer and filmmaker Benedict Redgrove. Pick a subject, and odds are there are video tours posted on-line.  learn more