Ad Blockers, Password Managers and More

The Internet has brought the world to our classroom. The bad news is that a lot of the accompanying ads are annoying or unsafe.

Passwords are leaked all the time. Using the same password everywhere is no longer safe.

The good news is that there are free browser plugins that can help these problems and more.

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Get Safari Extensions

If you use Apple's Safari web browser, here's the instructions for finding and installing extensions like AdBlock Plus.  learn more

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How To Easily Manage Your Passwords with Bitwarden

Arthur Dominguez shows that it's not as tough as most people think to create and manage those unique passwords for every service online. And with Bitwarden, you can…  learn more

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Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus blocks most/all of the ads when you view web pages and YouTube videos. This is especially good in a class setting where there are already plenty…  learn more

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Password Strength Test

Want to know how secure your password is? Type it in here. All testing is done within your browser; your passwords remain secure. For a master password, you'll…  learn more

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Bitwarden Password Manager

Bitwarden is a free to use, open source password manager. Unlike most password managers, Bitwarden's free version includes syncing your passwords between all your devices (Windows, Linux, iPhone…  learn more

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To Google Translate

To Google Translate is a fast and handy tool, making Google Translate easily accessible for everyday use. Select a word or text in your browser, right-click and select…  learn more

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YouTube High Definition

This Firefox add-on allows you to fine tune how YouTube videos are displayed and played, with options to always (or never) use HD (High Definition), turn off annotations,…  learn more

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Internet Society

The primary audience for the Internet Society is "internauts". For computer technology specialists, in particular, some of their activities, posted on the site, are pertinent and easy to…  learn more

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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility

Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility (CPSR) is a global organization promoting the responsible use of computer technology. Founded in 1981, CPSR educates policymakers and the public on a…  learn more

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Why you need a password manager

This video from Violet Blue and Engadget explains why you need a password manager, how to set one up, and best practices. Two notes on the video: While…  learn more