Acceptable Use Policies

An Acceptable Use policy needs to be provided for all school Internet users, not just students, and needs to cover computer equipment as well as Internet access.

In addition, a well-written Acceptable Use policy can be used as a teaching tool.

The recommendation is that clear expectations and guidelines should be conveyed to parents and students, whatever the position adopted by your school.

Many educators suggest that this issue be discussed directly with students, beginning in, say, about grades 3 or 4, as one would discuss other sensitive issues.

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Rice's Appropriate Use of Computer Resources Policy

Rice University's acceptable use policy covers areas such as... use of resources, interference or impairment to the activities of others, unauthorized access, commercial activities, violation of city, state…  learn more

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Sample Public Computer Station Use Policy

While there are different expectations for public library Internet access, this Acceptable Use statement from the West Des Moines Public Library looks at topics like... who is responsible…  learn more

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US Digital Literacy: Responsible & Acceptable Use Guidelines

Teaching digital citizenship is an integrated process as technology continues to transform how our students learn. Putting guidelines for usage in place sets the tone for responsible learning…  learn more